Monitoring Florida Panther
Monitoring Florida Panther. Photo: NPS.

Strategies for monitoring can include:

  • Use available long-term monitoring programs at appropriate scales as baselines for system changes that could be affected by climate change.
  • Develop, refine, and implement monitoring protocols that provide key information needed for managing and conserving species and ecosystems in a changing climate.
  • Use existing or define new indicators at appropriate scales that can be used to monitor the response of fish, wildlife, plants, and ecosystems to climate change.
  • Develop specific programs and/or modify existing programs (e.g., bird and amphibian surveys) to motivate action and engage citizens in monitoring impacts of climate change on the landscape (e.g., citizen science monitoring for detection of invasive species).
  • Monitor and evaluate areas successfully regenerate after disturbances and promote these areas to serve a future potential refugia.
  • Monitor species and habitats long-term to identify response to climate change.